Meetings Will Be Online for Now




Meeting on Zoom April 1st!


1) Business Meeting

2) In A Fix

Ever disappointed by a clunker? Yes, the experts all tell us to get it right in camera, but sometimes things go wrong, sometimes terribly wrong. A few fearless volunteers will demonstrate their techniques for transforming a raw photo with problems into something you would happily print or post on the web.

Want to help us with this one? Send any image you would like to see us transform to  Maybe you will stump the panel, or maybe we will all see new possibilities thanks to your challenge!

3) Lift the Spirits

The night of our meeting please have ready on your computer an image or two to share. Something beautiful, humorous, heartwarming, anything you can think of to lift our spirits. No discussion of judging and competition allowed here. Let’s just share what makes us happy!

 We will take a brief break at the halftime point. The meeting room will be available starting at 6:30 pm.


Here is some help for getting onto Zoom and navigating once you are there.

Zoom How to Get On

Zoom Help Once You Are Inside the Program


Did you Zoom into Our First Meeting Online?

To see the video of our competition with Andy Howard judging, check it out here   

OR YOU WILL SEE ONLY 15 MINUTES OF THE VIDEO!! Look for OPEN to the Right, Click on it, and you will see DOWNLOAD

Guide to Getting Set Up with Zoom

If you were not one of the 40 members who joined us in Zoom, please plan on coming to the next meeting.

You can find a guide to connecting to Zoom at this link. And feel free to contact Sue if you would like help or if you want help setting up Zoom to meet with your friends and family. (

Please note we will update the calendar soon with programming which will work in our new format.

Check the Calendar for Future Events.


  • Competition Results and Standings have been updated (members only). Specific Image scores may be accessed My Image History and My Image Library.

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