2019 PSA Competitions -Projected Image Division

Steve Director's image "Marshall Point Lighthouse" was judged to be worthy of "Award" status.  Congratulations!  (10 percent of submitted images receive "Awards").

Steve Morrison, CCFV PSA Projected Image Division Representative



2018 PSA Competitions -Projected Image Division

Janet DiMattia coordinates our club’s entries for PSA Nature and PID Open competitions, and results of those competitions are posted here and on the PSA Nature Page  (psa-photo.org).


Round 2  18 clubs participating, judged by the North Hampshire Photo Society, England

CCVF Club Entries

 Diane Robertson
 Foggy Dawn
 Mary Shalgian
 Melrose Abbey  7
 Sue Swartzlander
 Red Fox Kits Romping  8
 John Ward
 Strasbourg Old Town  6
 Judith Gardner
 Worchester Art Museum Entry
 Rosemary Sampson
  Zakem Bridge at Twilight 






Round 1 20 clubs participating, judged by the Billings Camera Club, Billings Montana

CCVF Club Entries


Ceiling Patterns  Peter Selig
Cheetah on a Tree
Robert Slott  11
Cuban Ballerina  Amanda Reed
Starling Investigating Stump  Janet DiMattia
Sleepy Hollow Early Morning  James Walczak
Red Fox with Kit  Diane Robertson


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