Club Exhibits

Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club members exhibit their photographs at local venues.

Members, please check back frequently for information re. upcoming exhibits.

Any questions or concerns, please contact Keith Woodbury, Exhibition Coordinator.


Truro Library Exhibit/November 2018

To remind everyone, we will have an exhibit at the Truro library during the month of November.  You can enter more than one image, but you need to prioritize 1st, 2nd... place so if we can't fit them all, we can use the ones you want us to. The prices will remain the same as always: $5.00 for the first and 7.50 for the second.  Images of 16 x 24 are $7.50 each.

Truro wants us to send them 2 pictures that they could use in advertising the exhibit. One way to handle this is to use the past two first place images. I'm therefore asking for permission to use those images. If you (the artists) could email back with your permission I'd appreciate it. 

They want to put the dropping off and hanging of pictures off until Nov 1st from 12-3 due to Halloween.  
I could really use 2-3 people to both register the incoming pictures and help in hanging the images. If you can help, please show up at 11:30 on the 1st.

There won't be an official reception until after Nov 4th (TBA).  

We can sell the pictures and can put the price on the tag below the image. The library will not take anything from the sale.  As a club we will make a contribution to the library.  Does anyone remember what we used to contribute? 
The Library does not get involved in the sales. They hand out a sheet which I'll provide, listing the artwork, the photographer, their (the photographer's) phone number, and the asking price. People can then contact the photographer directly to coordinate the sale.  

Keith Woodbury, Exhibition Coordinator.

 Drop-off and Hanging: Nov 1st from 12-3 pm

Running: November 1-30, 2018

7 Standish Way
North Truro, MA 02652

Library’s Phone: 508-487-1125
Keith’s Phone; 508 420-5460 or 774 327-0002

Can 1-2 photos per person

  • Sizes/Cost: One photo = $5.00, Two = $7.50, 16x24 = $7.50

  • Photos must be in a black frame with a hanging wire

  • Use entry form (below) to provide needed information

  • Tape one entry form onto the hanging wire on back of frame _____________________________________________________________________

Registration Form

Title: ____________________________________________________________________

Cost: _______________________________________ Priority: _____________________

Name of Artist: ____________________________________________________________

Phone number: ____________________________________________________________

Email address: ____________________________________________________________

Selling Price(s): ___________________________________________________________

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