Contact / Board Members

The Board of Directors includes club officers, directors of the standing committees, the immediate past president, and the president emeritus.


Board of Directors 


President - Jim Walczak

Vice President & Programs — Sue Swartzlander

Secretary — Amanda Reed

Treasurer — Fred Gaechter

Competition Manager— Ed Daniels / Mike Golan


Standing Committee Heads and Other Directors 

Immediate Past President — John Markus (

President Emeritus — David Jordan

Judges — Ron Jolicoeur

Membership — Carole Corcoran / Eric Spencer

NECCC Representative —  Michael Karchmer

PSA Representative — Stephen Director (Travel) / Steve Morrison (Digital and Nature)

Exhibits — Keith Woodbury /

Field Trips - John Ward / Doris Gage-West


Other Positions and Committees

Advancement — Ed Daniels, Barbara Markus, Nancy Jorgensen, John Ward

M-2-M Education —  Jeffery Moore 

Website - Ed Daniels / Joann Eldridge / Sue Swartzlander

Facebook – Joann Eldridge / Carole Corcoran

Photo Walks - Doris Gage-West / John Ward

Special Events and Field Trips — Joann Eldridge / John Ward

Parking — Jody Brinkman / Lois Tash

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