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August 2019
August 2019
August 2019
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Meeting: Affinity Group Set Up and Discussion (7:00 PM EDT)
Affinity Groups Set Up and Discussion We all enjoy opportunities to get to know other CCVF members, and who doesn’t like to discuss a favorite area of photography? This evening will also provide information to help us develop a Viewfinders program for the year ahead which is shaped by what members want to feature. We will divide into groups based on our primary interest in photography. This may be challenging, as you are likely interested in various aspects of photography, but choose one main area to start: 1) nature, 2) landscape, 3) people (on the street, on the stage, in the studio), or 4) floral and macro. Then we’ll do introductions, discuss questions on the provided handout, and report on the discussion to the whole group.
“House of the Rising Sun” with Steve Morrison (7:00 PM EDT)
What makes a great sunrise image? CCVF member Steve Morrison will discuss his experience shooting sunrises. We will learn more about exposure and depth of field, as well as how engaging foreground objects, intriguing compositions, and specific exposure techniques can lead to distinctive images.

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