PSA Competitions - Nature and PID Open

Janet DiMattia coordinates our club’s entries for PSA Nature and PID Open competitions, and results of those competitions are posted here.

PSA 2016-2017 Results

PSA 2016-2017 Nature Digital Division

PSA-PID 2016-2017 Projected Image Division

PSA 2015-2016 Results

Competition Results 2015-2016 Year

PSA 2015-2016 Nature Digital Division

PSA-PID Projected Image Division 2015/16

PSA 2014-2015 Results

Competition Results 2014-2015 Year

PSA Nature Final Standings 2014-15

PSA 2014-2015 Nature Digital Division

Club Ratings Competition #1

PSA-PID Projected Image Division 2014-2015

PSA-PID Judging Report

PSA 2013-2014 Results

Competition Results 2013-2014 Year

PSA Nature Digital Division 2013-2014

PSA 2013-2014 Nature Division Standing

PSA-PID Projected Image Division 2013-2014