Judges for Competitions

Rick Cloran

 Rick is a sought-after judge and lecturer throughout the United States and Canada. Twice, Rick received the prestigious Kodak Kinsley “Glass Eagle” award, and his published work has appeared in Nature Photographer magazine and the Journal of the Photographic Society of America. His associations include Greater Lynn Photographic Ass. (having served as president and treasurer), PSA, North American Nature Photographers Assn, Mass Camera Naturalists and the former Yankee Photographic Society. Attendees of the latter’s Potpourri of Photography events in the fall and spring would have benefited from Ricks presentations at these events. For his extensive judging, lecturing and administrative work in support of local, regional and national photographic organizations, Rick has been awarded the designations of FPSA (Fellow Photographic Society of America), EPSA (PSA’s Excellence in Photography for his exhibition record), and MNEC (Master Member of the NE Camera Club Council).

Mike Goodman

Michael began taking pictures as a teenager and has continued ever since. He has had his images published in books, calendars, music albums and on the web.. He frequently delivers multi-media photographic shows (his favorite activity) at business and photographic conferences like NECCC using images he has taken from his travels around the world. He has won numerous awards for his photography and was honored with an MNEC. His landscape work has been exhibited at Galerie f/5.6 in Munich, Germany. He is an active member of both the Gateway Camera Club ( now in his 32 season) and Boston West Photographic Society as well as Camnats. Michael was president of the Boston Camera Club, one of America’s oldest photographic societies. He has judged at clubs around New England as well as many international photographic exhibits and has delivered numerous teaching programs at camera clubs. Mrginhop@aol.com

Ray Guillette

Ray has been photographing since he was a child, whose father had a strong interest in photography. Creativity has been one of Ray’s hallmarks, and his scenic photography is not only beautiful, but also really moving. Fortunately, the numerous productions Ray has created have been seen throughout New England, with a broad audience in the attendees at NECCC getting to experience the personal awe and joy of an extraordinary photographer. Ray’s years as a pediatrician have given him an insight into what makes children so endearing, and his “kid” photographs are delightful and unique. Marathon races are another of Ray’s favorite subjects, and his photos, again, are filled with soul.  An avid film photographer, Ray admits only to having “gone digital” by way of having a cell phone with a camera component.

Ray is a cofounder of a Film Photographers’ Assn., current President of NECCC, and a published photographer, lecturer/teacher, presenter, and judge, known throughout the eastern states.

Andy Howard

Andrew K. Howard, a native Cape Codder, has been making photographs for over forty-five years. “Andy” has been teaching at Wheaton College, in Norton, Massachusetts for the past forty years where he is a Professor of Art and Co-Chair of the Art and Art History department. He has also worked commercially with clients such as IBM, Tenneco, Crown Plaza-Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Boston Whaler, Cape Dory Yachts, Safety First, and many others, making photographs for advertising and public relations.

The recent focus of his work is the American West. He has traveled to and photographed numerous locations in Arizona, Utah, California, and New Mexico. Many of his recent photographs can be found on this website. Howard has also spent considerable time photographing in New England, particularly Cape Cod, and in Ireland, where he teaches twenty-one day courses to Wheaton students.

Andy teaches workshops on concept development helping students reach their personal and professional artistic goals through the Cape Cod Art Association. He is a frequent judge for camera clubs and lectures on a variety of topics to organizations and clubs interested in photography.

Andy’s work has won numerous awards and can be found in personal and institutional collections.

Hazel Meredith

Hazel is actively involved in photography in the local, regional and national arenas. She is a vice president on the board of the New England Camea Club Council (NECCC); secretary for the Connecticut Association of Photographers (CAP); Council Services Director for the Photographic Society of America (PSA); monthly columnist for the PSA Journal’s Camera Club & Council News column; treasurer and webmaster of the Greater Bridgeport Camera Club; and a member of the New Haven Camera Club.

Her photos have won many awards and competitions in the past few years in both local club competitions and international salons. She has over 125 acceptances in Photographic Society of America (PSA) salons, and she has also received four bronze stars and two silver stars from PSA for her journalistic efforts. In 2008 she received an honors distinction of Master Member of the New England Camera Club Council (MNEC) during its annual conference and in 2012 received the PSA Service Award. In September, 2013, she was awarded an APSA distinction from the Photographic Society of America.  www.meredithimages.com

Ian Murray

Ian is a professional portrait photographer with over forty years of experience who’s work has taken him to many parts of the world, including, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Manhattan and Toronto. His work has been widely published and was recently chosen to appear in the book “Photos that Inspire”. (John Wiley)

Several years ago he settled in the Boston area and believed he had retired only to find himself operating a thriving portrait and wedding business, heading the media crew at music festivals, and paying back the wonderful mentoring he received at the start of his career by running an average of 120 workshops per year for his very active and growing Meetup Group , and for clubs, and institutions such as the Boston Institute of Contemporary Arts.

He is happiest when photographing people and passing on his skills and knowledge to other photographers.

Michael Roman

Michael Roman, MNEC, has been a camera club member since 1984 and has held just about every club office at one time or another. He is a founder, past president and current member of Boston West Photographic Society where he runs the Portrait special interest group. Michael has been a judge for many years at the local and regional levels and has judged a number of international salons. Competing in salons, Michael has earned medals for Female and Child Portraits, Still Life, Nature, Abstract, and various Judge’s Choice awards. He also teaches photography, both professionally and in the club scene.

Michael has had a life-long interest in photography dating back to the 1960’s when he received his first camera – a Kodak Instamatic. He was a photographer for his high school yearbook and became a serious hobbyist in college. An engineer by training, Michael switched careers a couple of years ago to spend more time with his family and to pursue photography full time running a portrait, wedding, and event studio. He is a Certified Professional Photographer and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America as well as its state and regional affiliates.

Shiv Verma, MNEC

Shiv Verma, MNEC is a photographer, educator and technologist. He has been photographing for over 50 years and has evolved his photography to express his intense devotion to wildlife and nature. Over the years has earned numerous awards and recognition both nationally and internationally.

Shiv devotes a great deal of his time formally reviewing photography related products, to education in digital photography and is a speaker and competition judge. He conducts photo tours and workshops worldwide and typically has one tour a month.

He belongs to multiple photographic clubs and associations and serves as Vice President of the Digital Circuit NECCC (New England Camera Club Council), General Chairman of the PSA International (Photographic Society of America), immediate past Chairman of Nature Division, PSA; Director of the instructional and essay sets, PSA; past Member of the Board CIPNE. Shiv is a past President of the Stony Brook Camera Club; and the Gateway Camera Club, a member of the Greater Lynn Photographic Association and Massachusetts Camera Naturalists, all in Massachusetts.

Shiv, as the chairperson, conducts the world’s largest nature and wild life photographic competition/exhibition – the Photographic Society of America’s Annual International.